Lab Testing & Reports

Detailed and Professional Lab Results and Assessment Reports

Germ Masters Environmental uses state-of-the-art detection methods to determine the presence of mold or other harmful contaminants in your home or commercial building. Using up-to-date industry standards, we will sample your home or building, write a detailed Mold Assessment Report and a Remediation Protocol (when warranted) and assist you with any insurance questions. We can also help you find a licensed remediation contractor to work with you to restore your home or building. We utilize only accredited laboratories to analyze our samples which assists us in the detection of mold and other common air quality contaminants. .

Labs & Reports

We use an independent, accredited lab to test samples collected.(MAR), (MRP), and (PRV) reports are available for both residential and commercial.


We have the highest standards in the business and perform no remediation or construction, so there is no conflict of interest.

We are committed to helping create the healthiest possible indoor environment for all of our customers.

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