IAQ & Mold Inspections

When to call for a mold inspection:

It's advisable to call for a mold inspection if you notice any signs of mold growth or if you suspect that there may be hidden mold in your home or property. Here are some situations when it's appropriate to call for a professional mold inspection:

What to Expect During a Mold Inspection:

During a mold inspection, one of Germ Master Environmental's Certified Mold Assessors will come out to assess the property to determine the presence of mold, the extent of mold growth, and any underlying moisture issues contributing to mold growth. Here's what typically happens during Germ Master Environmental's mold inspection:

Overall, Germ Masters Environmental’s  mold inspection is a comprehensive process aimed at identifying mold problems and moisture issues within a property, providing valuable information for remediation efforts and ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

Common Molds:

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